Open Forum/Annual General Meeting on MAY 17, 2022

by Steven

Open Forum/Annual General Meeting on MAY 17, 2022

The DPECA AGM was held on May 17th and we are pleased to announce that we had a record turnout.  The official headcount was 91 people in attendance. That number does include our speakers and several guests from other community associations including the North Saanich Residents Association, Save North Saanich, and PROW.

Our speakers included:

North Saanich District mayor, Geoff Orr (who spoke on the OCP but did not provide notes or a presentation),

DNS CAO, Tim Tanton (who spoke on the upcoming Municipal Elections in October),

Cameron McCroden (who gave a presentation on the Revised Tree By-law),  and

Bernadette Greene (who spoke on Impact of Housing Density on Agriculture in North Saanich) .

Click on the links above to view and listen to these interesting and information presentations.

There was a lively question and answer period after the speakers.

DPECA Annual General Meeting:

  • Election of New Members to DPECA Executive Committee -Approved
  • Treasurer’s Reports - April 2019 - March 2022 - Marsha Conley - Approved
  • Motion to Modify Fiscal Year to Calendar Year - Approved
  • Report on Contacts and Covenant Issues - Dave McConkey & Peter Jones
  • Other topics from the audience included:
    • concerns about the OCP and the changes it might bring to Dean Park,
    • concerns about Fire Safety in DPE and in John Dean Provincial Park, and
    • concerns about traffic safety near Kelset School.

DPECA will be following up on these issues as soon as possible and reporting back to residents.  We will continue to communicate with residents about important matters affecting our residents and the North Saanich community.  If you were unable to attend the AGM and would like to communicate with the DPECA Executive on issues or concerns, please use the Contact Us link on our website.