DPECA Executive Members

by Steven


Vice President
Marsha Conley

Donna Murphy

Treasurer & Membership
Ryan Weston
Marsha Conley

Design Review& Covenant Committee

Trevor Stephenson
Lindsay Down
Ryan Weston
Dave McConkey
Donna Murphy 

Marsha Conley
Trevor Stephenson
Christina Balaban

Directors at Large

DPECA Executive Members - March 2023
Front Row: Donna Murphy, Christina Balaban, Marsha Conley, Lindsay Down
Back Row: Dave McConkey, Ryan Weston, Gord Gummer, Trevor Stephenson

Correspondence to DPECA EXECUTIVE members is to be sent via the DPECA website “Contact Us” page
or to DPECA at PO Box 52021, Sidney, B.C. V8L-5V9

DPECA Executive Position Descriptions:

President - Chairs general and special meetings; Chairs meetings of the DPECA Executive; Consults with other officers as required to prepare the agenda prior to the meeting and ensures that notice of the meeting has been sent according to the bylaws; Manages and conducts meetings; Represents the Society when dealing with third party organizations; Acts as a signing officer for the Society; Performs ceremonial duties at any of the Society's social functions.

Vice-President - Assist the President with all the duties noted above.
Secretary - Arrange meeting locations and distribute meeting reminders to DPECA Executive Board members. Take and

distribute minutes of DPECA Executive meetings. Assist President with other DPECA correspondence.|

Treasurer - receive membership fees, pay bills for DPECA activities, and keep accurate records of DPECA funds, prepare Treasure’s Report for all DPECA Executive meetings and the Annual General Meeting.

Municipal Liaison - attend weekly District of North Saanich meetings and other special meetings as required. Represent DPECA residents on relevant issues as needed. Prepare reports for the DPECA Executive meetings.

Membership Committee – receive membership forms and update electronic membership lists and records, distribute Welcome Packages to new residents.

Newsletter Editor – coordinate, edit, and arrange for publication of the DPECA newsletter two times each year.
Covenant Committee – advise and assist property owners with neighbourhood issues pertaining to the Schedule of Restrictions; and

Design Review Approvals – review plans for proposed exterior changes to buildings to ensure that they comply with the Schedule of Restrictions and the Design Guidelines.

Webmaster - maintain the DPECA website, make updates to the website as needed, manage the DPECA email distribution lists and send out messages to members as instructed by the President.