by Marsha Conley
The DPECA Executive has the responsibility to approve all plans for house construction, additions and exterior changes to existing houses and any accessory structures (such as: garden sheds, garages, pools, and raised decks), to ensure that they are in compliance with the Schedule of Restrictions that is registered on each property title. The process followed by the Design Review Committee is as follows:
  • Receive three copies of the proposed building plans;
  • Initial check for compliance with the Schedule of Restrictions and with the DPECA_DESIGN_GUIDELINES adopted in 1992 and amended in 2005.
  • proposed use, maximum roof height, and exterior finishes;
  • Prepare and deliver a letter, with photocopies of the proposed plans, to the immediate neighbours;
  • Receive and resolve any neighbourhood concerns; and
  • Approve (stamp and sign/date) three copies of the final construction plans;
  • Return two of the copies to the applicant (who then proceeds to the Municipality for a building permit) and keep one copy for the DPECA plan records.If you are planning any exterior changes to your property, please contact the Design Review Committee for approval prior to approaching the District of North Saanich for permits. The DPECA approval process requires at least two (2) weeks to allow time for neighbourhood consultation.
This neighbourhood information process only happens in Dean Park Estates. This process advises adjacent residents of the type and the extent of construction activity that will be taking place, and ensures that the quality and character of the neighbourhood is maintained. Current Design Review Committee Members: Ryan Weston and Dave McConkey Correspondence to DPECA Design Review Committee is to be sent via the DPECA website “Contact Us” page or to DPECA at PO Box 52021, Sidney, B.C. V8L-5V9 Thinking of selling your home in Dean Park?   Information on Real Estate Signage.